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Vilnius Stag parties & weekends

   Dinner in the Restaurant  

   Try Lithuanian restaurants in heart of Vilnius with various cuisines, folk or European music, cozy environment, friendly services and competitive prices. Situated in the old town restaurants are offering many historic delight - among these, of course, delicious food according to traditional recipes. Table reservations in the best restaurants of the city, dinners and banquets with shows and performances can be provided!
  Price per person from 19.


Ultimate activities


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   Bungee-jumping from the TV-tower


   The Bungee - jumping is definitely one of the most exciting ways to have unforgettable stag holiday! Jump from the TV-tower, which is 170 meters high! We are offering the chance to have experience of their lives. We know you are going to enjoy this! Transfers included.
SEASON: May - September
   Price per person from 67.

    Take a chance to have a lot of fun on your stag holiday! Paintball is meant for everyone more or less active. We offer excitement and adrenaline. Paintball provides not only the possibility to take some sports in an open air, but also helps to reveal your possibilities to consider tactics and strategy, to develop the ability of fast decision making and to get rid of the psychological tension and aggression accumulated unconsciously. Transfers included.
Price per person from 47.

   Stag Bowling Party
    Everyone can enjoy this game because Bowling is so easy to play. One of the largest bowling clubs in the Lithuanian capital and one of the most favorite places of Vilnius' bowling players is equipped with 9 tracks. Enjoy nice music, light effects, stylish interior, snacks and beer! Transfers included.
Price per person from 29.

   It is a unique opportunity to race these powerful machines. Carting gives the driver a powerful adrenalin charge and tons of positive emotions, helps to reduce stress and improve physical shape during a relatively short period of time. Transfers included.
Track length: 620 m. 
Max speed:75 km / hour
Price per person from 38.

   4x4 off-road racing

    We provide an exceptional off-road driving experience in Lithuania to the hardened enthusiast. Jeep off-road racing is the perfect way to have fun and improve your driving skills. Racing through forest, dirt roads and fields, to the less traveled parts of the country guaranteed to be memorable and very enjoyable! Transfers included.
   Price per person from 98.

   Tandem Parachute Jump
   If you have never jumped, but would like to experience the exhilaration of a freefall, you have a chance to jump with instructor. You're coached, examined and equipped. You will jump with an instructor sharing one parachute system. The only thing you have to do is to relax and get pleasure from the free fall! Transfers included.
SEASON: April - September
   Price per person from 165.



   Exclusively for your stag party we can provide all kinds of coach transfers as well as luxury limousines transfers. 
Return airport transfers:

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